Getting files to your site

For your visitors to be able to visit your site, you will need to add some files to it. You can add files through the File Manager and the Web Disk within your hosting account control panel.

The File Manager

The File Manager allows you to view the files in your site as well as to upload new files and modify existing files. You can access it on the main screen of your interface through the File Manager File Manager area. Once inside the File Manager, you can click on File Manager to upload files to your site.

Web Disk

If you need to move a lot of files at a time, or find yourself often making changes to your site, you can set up a Web Disk to easily access your site. A Web Disk allows you to add a link to your home computer's desktop that goes to your website's files. This means that you can view the files on your site just like you would the files on your home computer. The next step will allow you to create and set up your Web Disk.

FTP Accounts

You can use FTP to upload files to your site. To do this, you will need to create an FTP account. You can do this in the FTP Accounts area which is linked on the home page of this interface. Then, you will need to download a FTP client that works with your operating system so you can connect to that account.

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